Robert Heimdall was born in 1961, in Savukoski, Finland, a cold country.

It’s one of those places where the sun is scarce and snow and wind are a part of everyday life. Just like all of his compatriots, his life revolved around keeping warm. The magic of fire (that crucial element capable of providing heat), which is able to unite people around it and bring out the best stories never before told.

Robert Heimdall’s family emigrated to Barcelona and the prevailing need to keep warm went away, but the magic of fire still lived within him.

After years studying engineering and design and collaborating with different companies, Robert Heimdall and his team have now created their own line of pellet stoves - a dream come true.

And that’s how Heimdall Stoves came about - household warmth which came from that cold.

Technology, experience and emotion.

Quality and Design.

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